The Trafalgar Talons are a fictional professional American football team based in the Indianapolis metropolitan area. The Talons are a member of the Continental Football Conference (CFC) Great Lakes Division in the Continental Football Association (CFA).

Trafalgar Talons

Inaugural Season 2012
League/Conference Affiliations

League CFA
Conference Continental
Division Great Lakes
Owner Justin Garrett
General Manager Justin Garrett
Head Coach Andy Walker
League -
Conference -
Division 2018
Playoff Appearances 3
Home Fields
Field Crossroads Field

(2015 - Present)

Atoms Field (2013 - 2014)

Carrier Dome (2012)

History Edit

This franchise was one of the earlier expansion teams. They were part of a two team expansion in the 2012 season (the league's third season). In 2012 the team played their games in Syracuse, New York, and were known as the Destroyers. That would only last one season as the team was purchased by Patrick Schraeder-Bidwell and moved to Springfield, Missouri and were known as the Atoms. Justin Garrett would purchase the team before the 2015 season and move them to the Indianapolis metropolitan area and name them the Talons.

Syracuse Destroyers (2012) Edit

2012 Edit

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Springfield Atoms (2013-2014) Edit

2013 Edit

This season marks the team's first season in Springfield, Missouri.

2014 Edit

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Trafalgar Talons (2015-Present) Edit

2015 Edit

This season marks the team's first season in Trafalgar, Indiana.

2016 Edit

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2017 Edit

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2018 Edit

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Year by Year Results Edit

Season League Wins Losses Playoffs? Div. Champs? Playoff Results
2012 CFA 7 9 N N N/A
2013 CFA 9 9 N N N/A
2014 CFA 7 9 Y N Lost Quarterfinal Rd. 27-17 to Orlando (11-5)
2015 CFA 8 8 Y N Lost Quarterfinal Rd. 39-35 to Cincinnati (10-6)
2016 CFA 4 12 N N N/A
2017 CFA 3 13 N N N/A
2018 CFA 11 5 Y Y Lost Conference Championship 29-10 to Orlando (14-2)
2019 CFA 13 3 Y Y Lost Divisional Rd. 34-17 to Cincinnatti (12-4)
2020 CFA 13 3 Y Y Lost Continental Bowl XI 41-31 to San Francisco (14-2)
2021 CFA 10 6 N N N/A
2022 CFA 13 3 Y Y Lost Continental Bowl XIII 28-13 to Chicago (13-3)
2023 CFA 9 7 N N N/A