The South Beach Sun Devils are a fictional professional American football team based in the Miami metropolitan area. The Sun Devils are a member of the Continental Football Conference (CFC) Caribbean Division in the Continental Football Association (CFA).

South Beach Sun Devils

Southbeachsundevils logobeard
Inaugural Season 2018
League/Conference Affiliations

League CFA
Conference Continental
Division Caribbean
Owner Rafael Perez Ramos
General Manager Unknown
Head Coach Unknown
League -
Conference -
Division -
Playoff Appearances -
Home Fields
Field Orange Bowl

(2018 - Present)

Burger King Stadium (2015 - 2017)

History Edit

The Sun Devils began as a charter member of the CF2 - an 8-team league that was created in 2015 as a "minor league" of sorts for the CFA. They were originally known as the Miami Marauders.

Miami Marauders (CF2 2015-2017) Edit

2015 Edit

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2016 Edit

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2017 Edit

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South Beach Sun Devils (CFA 2018-Present) Edit

2018 Edit

This season marked the first time the team played under the name South Beach Sun Devils. The team was sold to Rafael Perez Ramos, who resides in Spain. There's a chance the team will be relocating there in the near future once the CFA has permitted teams to relocate again.

Year by Year Results Edit

Season League Wins Losses Playoffs? Div. Champs? Playoff Results
2015 CF2 9 5 Y Y Lost Semifinal Rd. 20-10 to Texas (7-7)
2016 CF2 5 9 N N N/A
2017 CF2 2 12 N N N/A
2018 CFA 2 14 N N N/A
2019 CFA 3 13 N N N/A
2020 CFA 6 10 N N N/A
2021 CFA 5 11 N N N/A
2022 CFA 5 11 N N N/A
2023 CFA 12 4 Y Y Won Continental Bowl XIV 33-27 vs. Houston (13-3)