The Cincinnati Predators are a fictional professional American football team based in the Cincinnati, Ohio metropolitan area. The Predators are a member of the Continental Football Conference (CFC) Great Lakes Division in the Continental Football Association (CFA).

Cincinnati Predators

Inaugural Season 2010
League/Conference Affiliations

League CFA
Conference Continental
Division Great Lakes
Owner Rob Johnson
General Manager Rob Johnson
Head Coach Charlie Weis
League -
Conference -
Division 2012
Playoff Appearances 6
Home Fields
Field LaRosa's Stadium


BC Place (2013-2014)

CenturyLink Field (2011-2012)

Superdome (2010)

History Edit

The Predators were among the original 12 that started in 2010. Rob Johnson has moved this team from city to city many times throughout the first 5 years of the team's existence. In 2010 the team played at the New Orleans Superdome as the Swamp Dogs. In 2011 Rob moved the team to Seattle, Washington be known as the Vipers. Just two more years later (in 2013) Rob moved the team again, this time he went into Canada in Vancouver, British Columbia. There they were known as the Venom. Finally in 2015 he settled in his hometown, Cincinnati, Ohio, and went with the name Predators. They've been there ever since..

New Orleans Swamp Dogs (2010) Edit

2010 Edit

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Seattle Vipers (2011-2012) Edit

2011 Edit

This season marked the team's first season in Seattle, Washington.

2012 Edit

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Vancouver/B.C. Venom (2013-2014) Edit

2013 Edit

This season marked the team's first season in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

2014 Edit

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Cincinnati Predators (2015-Present) Edit

2015 Edit

This season marked the team's first season in Cincinnati, Ohio.

2016 Edit

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2017 Edit

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2018 Edit

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Year by Year Results Edit

Season League Wins Losses Playoffs? Div. Champs? Playoff Results
2010 CFA 7 9 Y N Lost Quarterfinal Rd. 23-7 to San Francisco (12-4)
2011 CFA 6 8 Y N Lost Quarterfinal Rd. 38-17 to Corpus Christi (12-2)
2012 CFA 10 6 Y Y Lost Quarterfinal Rd. 24-9 to West Texas (12-4)
2013 CFA 10 8 N N N/A
2014 CFA 8 8 N N N/A
2015 CFA 10 6 Y N Lost Divisional Rd. 40-13 to St. Louis (11-5)
2016 CFA 6 10 Y N Lost Wild Card Rd. 15-7 to Colorado (10-6)
2017 CFA 7 9 Y N Lost Wild Card Rd. 30-16 to Washington (11-5)
2018 CFA 6 10 N N N/A
2019 CFA 12 4 Y N Lost Conference Rd. 39-31 to St. Louis (13-3)
2020 CFA 5 11 N N N/A
2021 CFA 10 6 Y N Lost Wild Card Rd. 38-26 to Pittsburgh (11-5)
2022 CFA 9 7 Y N Lost Wild Card Rd. 30-15 to Berlin (11-5)
2023 CFA 8 8 N N N/A